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 I am Victor D. Franco: a blossoming creative arts therapist and creativeneur with a desire to help others live their best lives and realize their creative visions.

creative arts therapist:  

a trained professional who uses art making processes (art, theater, etc.) within mental health counseling or advising practice

noun cree / ai / tiv / eh / noo / er

an entrepreneur specializing in creative arts ventures 

       Victor is currently pursuing New York creative arts therapist licensure in order to effectively incorporate the arts in mental health. He seeks to investigate the connections between the arts and healing of emotional trauma. 

       He is also developing a multifaceted enterprise concerned with providing creative arts enrichment, self-development, and individual and community building services. His interests include discussing faith, making art, creative writing, violin, reading, theater, networking, investing, real estate and more.

       He has risen from the ashes of depression and a negative self-image with the hope of contributing to positive changes in others’ lives. He is determined to realize his visions.


He currently provides the following services.:

  • Character and storyboard illustration and concept development

  • Logo and advertisement design

  • Creative writing development: theater plays, fiction

  • Arts development mentorship

Please CONTACT him for more information.


Mask: Rebirthing One

‘Mask: Rebirthing One’: part of ‘Interpreted Connection’ (02/2018) art show: fired clay, glaze



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