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a play about men’s struggles with identity and purpose

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Unleashed front


EVA: You used to impress me, Blanc… I thought you were my white knight. For once, I had real hope…more hope than just different arms every week! But, that made me weak, blind. Now I see… You’re a butcher, a high priest of conformity who lifted me up on a pedestal like the Israelites danced around the golden calf they molded! Aren’t I pretty?            I was just another conquest… You’re nothing but a cow-towed, spineless narcissist…

BLANC: Aren’t there more important things in life than being caressed? Aren’t we all blank canvases to be slathered, colored on by life’s capricious fancies?

EVA: Not me. I’ve been painted on enough! I want to experience the colors! Even if their vibrancy rips me to pieces! I just want to be loved completely! Life is too short!

BLANC: I’m sorry. I can’t… God won’t…

EVA: Don’t bring God into this. What’s the matter? Am I too much of a woman for you!

Summer 2018



a comic book series about a team of supernaturally-gifted heroes protecting an apocalyptic world

EndgamersEndgamers Pre-Ink-1x

Summer 2018



a joint art show at Long Island University Post

The Interpreted Connection

February 2018


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